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Rosa Chuquispuma
Co Founder
Master in project Management-  EAE Business School and Jose Camilo de Cela University-Spain. Computer Engineering - Ricardo Palma University -Perú. Co funder TAH, Partners AECC. With experience in develpment, analysis, coordination and management of IT projects, Information Security, Banking and Insurence with the use of PMI, Scrum and Agile methologies for international clients.
Karina Chuquispuma
CEO & Founder
Karina graduated with a degree in Agricultural Sciences Engineering from the Agrarian University La Molina-Peru. Always guided by her passions and a lover of research, Karina first put her creativity at the service of education, creating "TEACHER AT HOME" company. Project Director of the company D & P. Volunteer of the United Nations -PNUD. Editor of the book for entrepreneurs Now, why not ?.  
Pamela Diaz
Communication Area
Winner of the MIDIS Nacional Award. Current president of the Youth Commision of the Journalist' College. Advisor of brand positioning, entrepreneur and political issues. Diplom in Management of Adult Education (PUCP), Diplom in digital Comunication for public Management (USMP).
Sandra Begazo
Educational Tecnology Area
Leader of the implementation of educational projects such as the Digital Classroom of the Telefonica Foundation. Its purpose is to bring technology education to public schools throughout Peru. Realzia Educational management pro more than 10 years of experience. She is an educational consultant for schools at the National level.
Edmundo Vereau
Finance Area
MBA Management - Centrum Católica, Mining Engineer collegiate (CIP 116086) of the National University of Engineering (UNI), with experience in underground mining construction of shafts; Experience in Project Management. Cost Analysis and development of environmental studies IGAC, DIA and EIAsd. International consultant of entrepreneurs. Business plan consultant. Educational consultant. Professor at the Peruvian University of the North.
Camila Veras
Partnership in Netherlands
Camila Veras, MBA from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC) and Master in Entrepreneurship from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She has extensive experience with consulting for small and medium businesses, creation and development of startups and extensive knowledge in the television and entertainment industry.      
Elvis Chuco
Marketing Area
Elvis studied Administration at the Universidad del Pacífico, did a postgraduate in International Marketing at the ITESM in Monterrey (Mexico), holds an MBA from CENTRUM Business School (Peru) and is a graduate of the Management and Leadership Program of the Business Institute of Madrid (Spain) .
Ricardo Uribe
Audiovisual Area
He studied Audiovisual Communication at UCAL | University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America. Audiovisual producer, editor and animator for the best brands of Latin America Companies.
Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid- Spain Master's Degree in Women and Health from the Complutense University of Madrid- Spain Master Clinical Cases of the University of Pardova-Italy. International Coach-Spain. Volunteer at the Spanish Red Cross.