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Karina Chuquispuma
CEO & Founder
Karina graduated with a degree in Agricultural Sciences Engineering from the Agrarian University La Molina-Peru. Always guided by her passions and a lover of research, Karina first put her creativity at the service of education, creating "TEACHER AT HOME" company. Project Director of the company D & P. Volunteer of the United Nations -PNUD. Editor of the book for entrepreneurs Now, why not ?.      
Elvis Chuco
Marketing Area
Elvis studied Administration at the Universidad del Pacífico, did a postgraduate in International Marketing at the ITESM in Monterrey (Mexico), holds an MBA from CENTRUM Business School (Peru) and is a graduate of the Management and Leadership Program of the Business Institute of Madrid (Spain) .
Camila Veras
Partnerships Manager
Camila Veras, MBA from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC) and Master in Entrepreneurship from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She has extensive experience with consulting for small and medium businesses, creation and development of startups and extensive knowledge in the television and entertainment industry.
Ricardo Uribe
Audiovisual Area
He studied Audiovisual Communication at UCAL | University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America. Audiovisual producer, editor and animator for the best brands of Latin America Companies.
Technology Area
Computer Engineer of the Ricardo Palma University-Peru. Master Project Management & Computer Engineering - IT Project Management - Business School of Madrid-Spain. Specialist in Information Security.University Camilo José Cela-Spain.
Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid- Spain Master's Degree in Women and Health from the Complutense University of Madrid- Spain Master Clinical Cases of the University of Pardova-Italy. International Coach-Spain. Volunteer at the Spanish Red Cross.
Teacher of German and English at primary and secondary level. Bilingual tutor of courses in Spanish and German. Tutor of international exams and preparation to lead demanding contests of the German language in areas of grammar and conversation.
Meteorologist at the Agrarian University La Molina. Professor of Physical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. Domain of Science, Biology and Maths. Origami specialist. Mastery of teaching techniques at primary and secondary level.
English teacher for executives, especially for international businesses focused on sales of supplies, machinery, industrial and natural products. Marketing Studies at Skado Medis UAB (Rokiskis - Lithuania). Business and and Manufacturing in Ermitazas UAB (Vilnius - Lithuania).
Magister in the specialty of Language and Literature, in UNMSM, and Bachelor of Arts with mention in Linguistics and Hispanic Literature, of the PUCP. Member of the Association of Correctors of Peru ASCOT. Experience in teaching, text and style correction, editing, writing and translation of texts (English-Spanish). Also, practices in Web Positioning, Online Marketing in social networks and SEO measurement tools.
Diploma in Management of Training and Training - Faculty of Education of the PUCP. Master's Degree in Government and Public Management - Universidad San Martín de Porres. Career journalist and manager in charge of the Sierra Exportadora program. Tutor of letters at the university level and program manager to improve academic performance.
Poet and dramatist. He studied Literature at the National University Federico Villarreal. Language teacher and cultural journalist. Specialist in conducting spelling and writing workshops. Thesis advisor and research seminars for university students from different institutions. Independent editor of books of poetry and stories.
Environmental engineer Tutor of the mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology course. Tutor at the primary and secondary levels. Bilingual tutor at the school level. Specialist teaching study techniques for the organization and fulfillment of the goals aimed at high school students.
Agricultural engineer. Tutor of the mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology course. Tutor at the primary and secondary levels. Comprehensive tutor at the primary and secondary level. Developer and executor of the program of vegetable gardens, hydroponics and tree plantation "My green home" aimed at schools in Lima as part of science projects. Teacher of science teachers in the execution of environmental projects.
Psychologist from the University of Lima, with experience and knowledge in stress management techniques. Experience in selection processes aimed at students in improving their professional profile for job interviews. Personal advice for the organization of goals. Part of the TAH Human Resources team in the areas: Selection, Training and Talent Management
Environmental Engineer, belonging to the upper third. AUTOCAD domain. Advanced domain of the Computing course. Tutor of the Office course for children and adults. Research studies in Waste Treatment Model Center.Student of science, mathematics, biology and chemistry at secondary and university level
Professional of Human Medicine of the National University Greater of San Marcos, occupying the second place in his promotion. Specialist in research and teaching. Editor of scientific articles based on intestinal infections. Teacher of the Academic Recovery Program, in Science, Technology and Environment courses. Tutor of university students of specialties of the health area.
Bachelor of Education, in the specialty of Language, Literature and Communication. Extensive experience in Education in national and private institutions, both in EBR and EBA, in primary and secondary levels. Participant of diverse artistic activities, formed part of a catholic group and leading diverse groups of young catechists.
Specialist in preparation for international exams and leveling of English language secondary and adult levels. Coach and curriculum planner. MBA - Business Administration and Management - USIL. Teacher at LANGROW, TURISMOI-GET, BRITISH PERUVIAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION.
Specialist in Meteorology at the Agrarian University La Molina. With experience in statistical programs developed for SENAMI and GLOBE Program. Professor in GLOBE Atmosphere and in the ROME Program (Network of School Meteorological Observers). Coach of university students and aspirants for international programs. Domain of programs for mining and environmental development.
Biologist with acting studies. Master's Degree in Administration from the University of Rioja -Spain. Professor of science, mathematics and English. Coach of secondary and international baccalaureate students. Follow-up to university students. Organizer of plans of effectiveness of the use of time and planning of studies.
French with extensive experience in various complementary aspects of the civil and military aeronautical world. Experience as an aide-de-camp for foreign ministers and directors during 6 editions of the "Salon du Bourget - Paris Air Show". Teacher of the French language with knowledge of English, German and Italian. Trainer to take international exams in French and executive translator.
Engineer in Business Management from Universidad Pacífico. Tutor of Spanish, English, Mathematics and Communication. Tutor of primary and secondary level. Selected in ADECORE Basquet (2009-214). Volunteer in various pastoral events such as retreats, conferences and other activities.
Special education teacher at the Feminine University. Specialist in English, science and mathematics. With mastery of methodological tools for personalized teaching. Specialist in sign language and direct craft workshops for fine and coarse motor development.
Professor of IB-Science, Mathematics and English. Food Industries Engineer-Peru. Professor of the Agrarian University la Molina-Peru. Master in Food Technology- Belgium.
Professor of Science, English and Reading Comprehension. Fishing Engineer of the UNALM-Perú.Professional of Quality Assurance in Makro Supermayorista S.A. Consultant in Management Systems in SIG Consulting, Inspector of quality control in La Calera SAC, Area of Aquatic Microbiology and Marine Pollution.
Teacher of Mathematics, Science and English. Volunteer in Voices for Climate Fair - COP20 Responsible for environmental education in the Mountains and Water Pavilion-APECO; Environmental studies internship in Barcelona-Spain.
Professor of English. Bachelor in Liberal Arts-Soka University of America (SUA). Specialization: International Studies SUA: "Athlete of the Year" Prize Spring 2012 and 2013 Scholarship for Research Center of the Pacific Basin Summer 2013-Brazil.
Teacher of French and English. Teacher specialized in languages. Specialist in educational strategies for primary and secondary level.
Teacher of English and Spanish. International Examination Advisor. Bachelor in Agronomy-UNALM-Peru. Management and Supervision -UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA - ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Leadership Development-VALENCIA COLLEGE - ORLANDO, FLORIDA.
Professor of Science, History, Math, English and Spanish. Bachelor of Fishing Engineering and Engineering of Food Industries-UNALM -Perú. Belonging to the Fifth Superior.Master in Food Technology. First Place of the 2010-I Promotion. He has intermediate knowledge of German, Portuguese and French.
MBA Management - Centrum Católica, Mining Engineer collegiate (CIP 116086) of the National University of Engineering (UNI), with experience in underground mining construction of shafts; Experience in Project Management. Cost Analysis and development of environmental studies IGAC, DIA and EIAsd.
Bachelor of Education in the specialty of Biology and Chemistry, with 18 years of experience in teaching in Private, Public and Parochial Schools. Master in Education Administration. I currently provide pedagogical support as an educational coach in Teacher At Home.
Archaeologist by profession with a Master in Professional Archeology and Management of Historical Heritage at the University of Alicante (Spain). Bilingual tourist guide, cultural promoter and teacher in courses of Arts and Social Sciences such as History of Peru and Universal, Civic Education and Geography. Proficiency in the English and Portuguese languages and finally. Mastery of the guitar
Professor of Speech, Debate, Social Sciences, Reading Comprehension and Writing. Student of Social Sciences and Law - PUCP-Peru. Represented the Catholic University in the University World Debate Championship in Spanish 2016 (CMUDE). It is the first time that a Peruvian team reaches the final in this competition. The championship began with 150 teams, of which only Spain and Peru were left. Won Peru in the Puerto Montt debate in Chile.
Metallurgical engineer well qualified in process analysis in operations and cost. Strong knowledges in business improvement in mining industry in the areas of metallurgical plant, maintenance, mining operations and costs.
Professor of Mathematics, Science, History, English, Spanish, Reading Comprehension, Biology and Chemistry. Agricultural Engineer -UNALM-Peru. Specialist in remote sensing, remote sensing, geographic information systems applied to mining, agriculture and / or conservation of natural resources. Advisor in design, operation, maintenance in hydraulic structures for the rural or urban sector.
Teacher of French and Italian. Degree from the University of San Marcos with a specialization in Foreign Languages. Teacher of bilingual schools and teacher of Liceo in schools of Paris- France. Excellent in swimming and he likes animals.
Professional in Performing Arts and theater creation. Capability of management and realization of projects of medium and large scale. Experience as a theater teacher, claun and impro in workshops, schools and colleges. Professor of the President's College of Peru. Professor of Theater, Acting, Theater Direction, Cinema, Theater, Coach, Writing, proficiency in English and Portuguese.
Drama's teacher. Bachelor in Arts Education- specialty Dramatic Art, theater-community teacher. Preparation of collective theater, and dictation of stilt workshop.Professor acting workshop. Theater teacher- Secondary level.
Teacher of Science, Technology and Environment. Pertaining to the Peruvian Network of Scientific Disseminators. Recognition by Innova Schools and MINEDU. I study the Teaching and learning of Natural Sciences course. Cayetano Heredia University. Master in Education-UNIFE. Mastery of English.
Professor of Science, University Mathematics and Advanced Level of Calculus. Computer Engineer -USIL. Electronic Engineer-UNI. Scholarship for Academic Excellence USIL (1st Place of the career). Integral Scholarship for Academic Merit at the secondary level. Colegios Pamer. Research of new information technologies. Specialist in new applications of Computer Science to other scientific fields.
IB teacher, specialist in Math, Physics, Chemestry and History. Zootecnista Engineer -UNALM-Perú.Assessor of international exams for university students. Mastery of English. Specialist in Crossfit and Basketball.
Bilingual tutor. Professor of Science, Mathematics and English. Levels of Primary, secondary and university level. Food Industries Engineer. Master's degree in Agribusiness at the Agrarian University La Molina. UNALM-Peru.
Teacher of Mathematics primary and secondary level; science and english Member of the Molinera Ecology student group- Mastozoology Division. General coordinator of the student group: Molinera Ecology. Student of the biology career at UNALM. Especiaidad en Ciencias-UNALm Peru.
Language and rehabilitation therapist-Federico Villarreal National University Specialty in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Special assistance for autistic children. Advisor in the Comprehensive Family Plan- INABIF.
English teacher, science, reading comprehension. Bilingual tutor for special attention. Special Education student of the UNIFE. Volunteer - Share Acción Universitaria (Lima). Teacher of crafts for children from 4 to 12 years old at the Huaycan school. Assistant in CEBE Surco. Classroom teacher of children with 3, 4 and 5 years of age, who had different disabilities (Trisomy 21, autism, cerebral palsy).
Professor of theater, impro and corporal expression. Graduated from the acting specialty of the performing arts faculty of the PUCP. She has experience as an actress in theater, film and television. He has worked with directors such as Alberto Isola, with Jorge Guerra, Gerardo Fernandez, Juan Carlos Oganes, Jeanpaul Neyra. He is also a theatrical teacher in "Espacio Alterno" Ricky Tosso's acting school.
Professor of Portuguese. Strategic Marketing Professional from the Veiga de Almeida University-Brazil. Master of three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. More than twenty years of international experience in the dictation of the Portuguese language for foreigners in private classes, CENTRO DE LANIOMAS UNIVERSIDAD DEL PACÍFICO Since 2011.
Professor of Sciences, English and mathematics. Biologist. Master in Biotechnology - Finland. With a view to studying a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology. Professional researcher of microorganisms and enzymes projects in the industrial field.
Professor o English History and Science. Student of Organizational Psychology of the ESAN University. Participation in the II Inter CAS of the Americas held in Medellin, Colombia. Proficiency in English and French. First Place in the 3rd Junior Investor Challenge School Contest, November 2013-Universidad del Pacífico, studies in International Senior Management.
Professoof Science, English and Science. Bilingual Tutor Engineer in Food Industries. Extensive knowledge of the production process in plant, personnel management, HACCP, computer tools management and English language proficiency. Master of quality control of inputs. University of Bogoña-Italy.
Marketing coordinator. Management of Marketing Processes. Marketing Specialist U.Lima.Expert in English, French and Portuguese languages. Manager of campaigns and advertising events.
Professor of Science, English, Mathematics and Communication. Nutrition Specialist and personal image trainer, Food Industries Engineer and entrepreneur of the company SWEET FIT.
Elementary tutor. Professional of the National Pedagogical Institute Monterrico - Santiago de Surco. Secondary Education Specialist - Language, Literature and Communication. Training in Applied Neurosciences. English proficiency.
Teacher of English, mathematics, science and communication at the primary level. Business Management student from San Ignacio de Loyola University. Assistance from Commercial Manager TAH-Developments and Projects Sac.
Professor of Science, English and mathematics. Bachelor of Engineering in Food Industries with experience as Head of Production and Warehouse, knowledge in Quality Control in Food, Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM) and HACCP.
Professor of Mathematics IB, Physics Ib, Chemestry IB, Financial Mathematics and Languages Specialist. Professional of the Faculty of Forestry of the UNALM. Belonging to the CICF group of research and project development. Volunteer in VOICES FOR CLIMATE, command of English and French.
Teacher of English and French. Native of Switzerland with professional experience in Australia, France, Scotland and Spain. Specialty of Geography and Spanish at the University of Glasgow. He works in the promotion of ecological agriculture and healthy eating in Lima-Peru.
Miguel Vega
Professor of English. Student of the Administration and Finance career at ESAN University with great development both individually and as a group. School Studies at Far Horizons Montessori Private School. PET Certificate (Preliminary English Test) and FCE (First Certificate in English) - Cambridge.
Miguel Angel
Professor of Mathematics, Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. Student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Electrical Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Engineering. Management of WORD, EXCEL, Advanced AutoCAD, Advanced MatLab.
Professor of French. Master in Politics and Culture Management in Europe. European Studies Institute (IEE), Paris 8 University, Saint-Denis, France. ERASMUS Mobility (1 semester) - University of Amsterdam (UVA), Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bachelor of European Studies. Institute of European Studies (IEE), Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris, France. Modern literature
Professor of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Environmental Engineering career courses. Belonging to honor roll Student of the University of San Marcos-Biology and student of the Agrarian University-Environmental Engineering.
Yessica Antezana
Professor of Mathematics, Integral Communication, Chemistry and Biology. Complete tutoring of the primary level. Coach of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Business Management Engineer from the Agrarian University La Molina.
Professor of English, Mathematics, Communication and bilingual tutoring. Student of the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad del Pacífico. Proficiency in English and German. winner of events such as "The Company" of Junior Achievement and "Bolsa de Bolsa", organized by the University of Lima. Specialist in "Shopology" UPC. Entrepreneur of the Chocolatosas brand.
Professor of Communication, Writing and Reading Comprehension.Student of the specialty of Language, Literature and Communication of the National Pedagogical Monterrico. Specialist in body expression and theater skills workshops. Performing arts training-Multi-Art Theater Group. English proficiency