I am delighted with the service, they helped my 2 children who have already entered and now I have asked for a language therapist and a bilingual teacher for my child. The teachers are very good with children, they focus on listening to them, observing them and giving them organizational guidelines. They tell me that the idea is for the child to go only with his own abilities and discover his own potential. They are definitely our guides in everything.
My son had to take his English proficiency test and he only had 2 weeks to get his bachelor's degree. I called them immediately and they gave me a very kind and reliable teacher, also, gave him the exact information he needed and he passed his exam. I really liked the speed of attention, they taught him at home and by Skype and in less than 2 weeks he was ready. Everything was worth it and now my son takes the German course from distance to do his PhD.
I knew the services of TAH since the school and I always counted on them for my courses. Then I started my way to university and I had no doubt that they would help me. Now I am studying communications career at U.Lima and I can count on them even in graphic design. The diversity of its teachers is wide and that is why they are always available. I recommend that you ask for your permanent tutor because he is like a mentor who helps you to organize everything.
- Universidad de Lima
TAH is a complete company in terms of educational services, I started with the order of French and English classes then I applied for Mandarin Chinese for my children and suddenly reading their information they could also locate me a nutritionist for the family and a personal trainer to exercise. All really professionals at all times. It is highly recommended for all families that have a very busy life.
I required support for my daughter who did not like math, however the TAH tutor taught her so accurately, with patience and using different strategies that my daughter was delighted and raised all her grades, after a while she did not I needed support. They help to win  confidence.
I found it an innovative, immediate and efficient service. I had to translate my thesis from one day to the next and nobody could do it until I called TAH and they told me not to worry! That was really great and without hesitation I kept calling them to support me with other courses of my master's degree and since they offer a variety of services one could always count on them at all times.
Now with the situation of insecurity in the Association time to share began a preventive work with students of a National college, a fullday was held and the company Teacher At Home was present with their teachers of theater and dance, they managed to release young people , it gave them more confidence to interact with their classmates, it was very nice to see how they gave a few hours of their time to collaborate and help troubled young people at risk in their development, and with the intention of wanting in another opportunity to return.
- Directora de la ONG Tiempo para Compartir.
The service of TAH focuses a lot on the essence of learning and teaching, which is the awakening of interest and passion of the person who receives the lesson. Since I started taking classes with Yess, I see salsa and the benefits to my body and mind in another way. A great experience.
- Minera Minsur
Thanks to the advice of Teacher At Home I had the opportunity to successfully pass my admission exam to study my Master's Degree at the University of Piura-Sede Lima. I also feel calm because I know I can continue counting on them in my new life in Peru.
- Colombia